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Monday, July 14, 2014

Yaya Dacosta Alafia And Arlen Escarpeta As Whitney Houston And Bobby Brown In Lifetime Biopic

Here is the first look at Yaya Dacosta Alafia and Arlen Escarpeta as Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown in
in Angela Bassett‘s directorial debut, the Lifetime Original Movie, I Will Always Love You: The Whitney Houston Story.

According to the The New York Post, the film, set to be released in 2015, will center on the relationship between Houston and her ex-husband Bobby Brown, from the time they met at the height of their celebrity, their dating period and their up-and-down marriage. Throughout their marriage, their were several highs and lows as the couple dealt with fame and fortune.

Whitney and Bobby met in 1989, were married in 1992 and their daughter, Bobbi Kristina, was born the following year. They divorced in 2007.

In last week’s photo, posted by Entertainment Weekly, Alafia was channeling Houston’s 1987 album cover of “Whitney.”

I LOVE Whitney Houston so much, and am totally biased.  I don't particularly care to hear other people sings her songs, let alone act as her.  Why?  Because they are not Whitney.  But, I love Angela Bassett and have faith that she will bring this story to life.  She is the best at her craft and I can't wait to see her vision.  It is not about if the the person truly looks like the person they are portraying.  It is about how well they can bring the story to life and make you believe.  Well, I believed Angela in "What's Love Got To Do With It" and if that is any indication of how this movie will be, then I can't wait!  I'll have my popcorn ready, my feet propped up on the couch, and a box of Kleenex to my side.  I think I'll add a lemon drop martini to the mix too!

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