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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Post - Oprah Winfrey Show (Best Friend) Taping

Ok, so I did not wear what I thought I was going to wear. I didn't want to risk being "too busy" with my attire and being placed in the back of the studio. So,

I chose a bright orange top with my black skinny jeans and black boots.  Well, Quencie and I were seated in the 2nd row center - right in front of Oprah and Gayle.  Now, I don't know if it was my last minute change of wardrobe, or just God who put me there.  But knowing how I think - it was God :-).  The show was more than amazing!  Oprah and Gayle reminisced about old trips and adventures.  It was great seeing those clips and old pictures.  Gayle even shared one of her favorite treats with the audience - Monkey Bread!  It was sooooo good that I attempted to make some when I returned home. Well let me tell ya - #HUGEFAIL!!  Mine tasted nothing like Gayle's.  And, I am on a mission to find that Monkey Bread.  Another treat was that the entire audience received an all expense paid trip to the Miraval Spa Resort in Tuscon, AZ.  Plus, $100 worth of free Hanes "comfy" clothes for the trip.  The audience went wild.  Althoughbeit, I didn't know where Oprah said we were going.  All I knew was that she said we were going somewhere!  The Oprah Show visit was one of the best experiences of my life and I wish I could relive it all over again!  Before the show started, there were people who were crying upon entering the studio.  I was like, Good Lord, why are these people crying.  Quencie asked me would I cry, and I was like no.  Hey, I love, love, love Patti Labelle and Whitney Houston and I've never once cried over them.  And don't get me wrong, I LOVE Oprah too, but I couldn't see myself crying.  I'm just not that type of fan.  Well, as soon as Oprah walked onto the stage, the tears just started streaming from my eyes uncontrollably, and I could not stop them.  Quencie had to wipe my eyes.  I couldn't believe it.  Where did those tears come from???  Apparently, Oprah had an effect on me that I've never experienced before - let's just say it was magical :-)  I sure hope they don't have me on camera crying like a baby.

Well, after the show, Oprah and Gayle stayed around and answered questions from the audience.  I raised my hand and managed to get Oprah's attention and she called on me.  I, in turn, said that my Best Friend had a question.  Quencie asked a fantastic question: "On Master Class, Diane Sawyer said that you needed people in your life to help reinforce your best self.  How does Gayle help reinforce your best self?"  Oprah said that question was going to make her cry.  Well, she and Gayle went and for over 10 minutes answering that question.  It was definitely amazing to watch.

Well, I've given my take on this spectacular trip, but you can listen below for yourself to get me and Quencie's full story.  This Best Friend show airs 4/21/11 and I hope you tune in :-)




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