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Thursday, April 7, 2011

4 Days and Counting Until I Go to Oprah - What to WEAR???????

Ok, I am beyond excited, that even the mention of Oprah's name, an email that I receive from her newsletter (on a daily basis), or watching her show/network - makes me smile from cheek to cheek! I'm so giddy and I'm smiling so big right now! Now here's the deal - I wrote in a letter to Oprah about how my relationship with my Best Friend, Quencie, is just like that of Oprah's and Gayle's. And we were chosen to attend this taping based on being Best Friends - Woo Hoo!! Now, this is a serious situation because I live by the Oprah and Gayle friendship book. I always say to Quencie, "I wonder what Oprah and Gayle would do." Quencie's middle name, Timera, is pronounced like most people say my name, Tamara. Although my name is really pronounced TAM-A-RAH.  Well, Quencie has been my very best friend for 6 years now and no one, I mean NO ONE, has ever been the type of friend she has.  We talk on the phone everyday and every night before we go to bed. She's an interviewer and I'm a singer.  I didn't even know what it really meant to be a friend until I met her. Sure, in my mind I thought I was the greatest friend since slice bread.  But, that was based on fake relationships. You know, those relationships you have where you can't be fully honest, or you don't feel that comfortable to say what's really on your mind. Well, that was the extent of my other friendships - fake. Quencie showed me what a "Real" friend was all about.  Now, I ain't gonna lie, I didn't like it at all, not one!  It was so real and I was so not used to the truth. I was like, who is this girl and does she not know who I am?  I'm Tam, the GREATEST Friend of All Friends in the Universe and Beyond!!!! Quencie had no problem telling me when I hurt her feelings, did something wrong, didn't look right, and more.  Apparently, I was living in a plastic bubble where I thought I could do no wrong.  Well, instantly, Quencie became my reality check. And when I think about it, I can't thank her enough. It has definitely made me a better person.

Now back to the topic...4 MORE DAYS and I'm GOING TO THE OPRAH WINFREY SHOWWWWWW!!!! I have bought shoes, sent shoes back; bought more shoes, and sent more shoes back.  Quencie and I have been back and forth to the mall, and back and forth again!  I have contemplated this shirt or that shirt.  Maybe I should go out and buy more new shirts. Should it be skinny jeans, or boot cut jeans?? Do my shoes accent my jeans? Maybe I should just wear boots!  What about jewelry - gotta get the accessories!  Oh my hair!!!  I have to get my hair pressed as close to the tape day as possible because it needs to be freshly done. And if you're a black girl, you know about the press! Eyebrows waxed - tomorrow!  Mani/pedi - tomorrow! What I wear to this show will impact where I sit - I just know it. I thought, should I wear a solid, bright color? What if the shirt I'm wearing has too many designs on it or is too shiny - will they put me in the back??  Well, I don't want to be on the back of the bus!  This was on my mind constantly, day in and day out - that I was driving myself crazy. I sent my mom pictures of the shoes and shirts that I contemplated wearing. Quencie and I had fashion shows with our newly purchased items. We were all over the place. Must-Look-Good-For-Oprah! But, I had to finally release it because I live by the Secret, so I have claimed front row, center - right in Front of Oprah! 

I am just so excited that I can hardly contain it. I wish that I could make a grand announcement at my job an let all 500 people know that I AM GOING TO THE OPRAH WINFREY SHOWWWWWWW!!!!! But until then, I'll just keep smiling from cheek to cheek. Thank you God!!!!!!  Stay tuned to the official Oprah Show Countdown done by Quencie and I on Studio Q Radio.

Here is my chosen shirt for Oprah! It looks fab when!

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