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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Was it a ROBBERY?!?! - WTF

First, let me say, Happy New Year! Now with that said, did you watch Clash of the Choirs? Now everyone who knows me, knows that I am the ultimate Patti Labelle fan. So, I can be bias at times. But if you had seen Clash of the Choirs, you would know that "Team Labelle" should have won - hands down. The other competitors included, Team (Kelly) Rowland, Team (Michael) Bolton, Team (Nick) Lachey, and some country artist that I can't remember. Team Lachey won. How? Why? Did you not vote? I did, at least 10x a night. I guess that's the problem, we ALL didn't vote. And, Nick Lachey has all those young fans (not to say that I'm not young, cuz I am :)) who text and will call a million times if they have to. It's sad, but true. Patti, you're still a winner in my book - ALWAYS! So, just in case any of you missed it, check out this amazing performance! I'm out...


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