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Friday, August 17, 2007

What My Best Friend Means To Me

What does it mean to be a best friend? Is it talking on the phone? Is it going out clubbing? Is it buying me something to eat? Is it fixing my hair? Is it going on trips together? The answer is Hell No! If that's what you think a best friend is, then you are sadly mistaken. Let me tell you about my Best Friend, Quencie. When I met her, we instantly clicked. Have you ever met someone for the first time, and it seems as if you've known them your entire life? That was the bond we shared. I felt immediately comfortable - like I had never felt with a friend before. Now, I consider myself to be a great friend. I am there for you; I will go out of my way to help you in any way possible; I will always have your back; I will give money when I don't have it to give; I will show up, even when I don't want to. The problem is that I had never received all of that back in return. When Quencie entered my life, she was the best friend that I had dreamed of. We could talk about anything. We were extremely honest with each other, so if didn't like something that she said or did - I could tell her and vice versa. She has been there for me in so many ways. What you must understand is that, I am used to giving, but I am not used to receiving things from people, except from my mom. Quencie instantly entered my life as a giver. I was so not used to that, to the point that, we would have to go back in forth in order for me to finally accept something. WOW!!! Quencie has always been here for me. She was there to hold my hand when I was having injections in my back. She was there for me when my aunt died. Quencie had my back when I had friend drama and stood by me when most would have bowed out. She has a listening hear and a kind heart, and asks the questions that no one else does. As my best friend, she threw me a birthday party - the first ever! But more importantly, she gave me the best gift of all - a video of My Life. It included everything under the sun like my mom as the narrator, pictures and video of my grandma, me talking and singing to Snooty (my niece) on the phone, me with my brother, me with Patti Labelle. It was the kindest and most thoughful gift I had ever received. And if you were to see it, you would know how much time and effort went in to making it. What My Best Friend Means To Me is: Love, Caring, Understanding, Communication, Commitment, Trust, Loyalty, and Happiness. Without Quencie, I would not know what it means to have a true Best Friend.

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