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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Sound Of Music

I can feel the mic in my hand. I visualize myself on stage with my band, my background singers, my stool for when I'm really vibing. The crowd is going wild, and I'm just as anxious as they are. I say a prayer before I leave the dressing room (a ritual). My mom and niece are right by my side. My niece wants to join me onstage, but she can't right now - she'll take over the show, but in a 4 year old, cute kinda way. I'll call her out later for our special duo. They hold my hands as we walk towards the stage. I hear the crowd chanting, "TAM, TAM, TAM." I'm so excited. My intro music is playing and my assistant hands me my favorite diamond mic. It's time y'all, it's time. The lights in the arena go dark, and specks of light sparkle throughout. The crowd goes wild. My assistant grabs my hand and with the help of a flashlight, she walks me closer to the stage. I start singing. I hear cheers and screams. It's time y'all, it's time. I walk out on stage to the Sound of Music.

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