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Thursday, August 16, 2007

My Grandmother

I had a conversation with my best friend last night about the year 2003. It made me reflect on all that happened that year. The most tragic was unexpectedly losing my grandmother. I grew up living in the same house with her, so she was truly my second mom. When I was told by my mom that my healthy grandmother had been diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer - I was in total shock! How did this happen? Where did it come from? We don't have a history of cancer in our family. Why??? It was one of the scariest times of my life. I instantly hopped on a plane to head home to Memphis, TN. My grandmother, Dorothy, was a vibrant, spunky and sassy person. She always dressed in her best from head to toe; never letting a day pass by without putting on her perfume and lipstick. She had one of the kindest hearts and she spoiled me rotten. I was her only granddaughter, and she treated me as such! She made me whatever I wanted to eat, washed my clothes, made my bed, and nagged me all the days. I loved it! Shortly after her diagnosis, Dothy, as I called her, had surgery - something called the whipple procedure. The doctor led us to believe that he had gotten all the cancer out and everything would be fine. To our dismay, it came back, and this time much stronger than before. What my mom and I didn't know was that Pancreatic Cancer is terminal; the life expectancy is 4 - 6 months. My grandmother was diagnosed in September 2002 and passed away on February 11, 2003. I talked to my grandmother the night before she died, and she had so much energy. She was in the hospital and I flew back home to Memphis to be with her. She talked and talked, and we laughed and laughed. I knew that she waited on me to come there before she passed on. I'll never forget that last special moment. Let me tell you how awesome God is. On the same day that my grandmother passed, my first and only niece was born. I live in LA, and she lives in Memphis, and she and I are inseparable. I know that my grandmother lives in her. My grandmother sent and angel to be with us during this time, and McKelvy is quite an angel indeed.

In remembrance of my grandma - Dorothy Louise Anderson

Please, let's find a cure now!
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