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Monday, July 14, 2014

Yaya Dacosta Alafia And Arlen Escarpeta As Whitney Houston And Bobby Brown In Lifetime Biopic

Here is the first look at Yaya Dacosta Alafia and Arlen Escarpeta as Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown in
in Angela Bassett‘s directorial debut, the Lifetime Original Movie, I Will Always Love You: The Whitney Houston Story.

According to the The New York Post, the film, set to be released in 2015, will center on the relationship between Houston and her ex-husband Bobby Brown, from the time they met at the height of their celebrity, their dating period and their up-and-down marriage. Throughout their marriage, their were several highs and lows as the couple dealt with fame and fortune.

Whitney and Bobby met in 1989, were married in 1992 and their daughter, Bobbi Kristina, was born the following year. They divorced in 2007.

In last week’s photo, posted by Entertainment Weekly, Alafia was channeling Houston’s 1987 album cover of “Whitney.”

I LOVE Whitney Houston so much, and am totally biased.  I don't particularly care to hear other people sings her songs, let alone act as her.  Why?  Because they are not Whitney.  But, I love Angela Bassett and have faith that she will bring this story to life.  She is the best at her craft and I can't wait to see her vision.  It is not about if the the person truly looks like the person they are portraying.  It is about how well they can bring the story to life and make you believe.  Well, I believed Angela in "What's Love Got To Do With It" and if that is any indication of how this movie will be, then I can't wait!  I'll have my popcorn ready, my feet propped up on the couch, and a box of Kleenex to my side.  I think I'll add a lemon drop martini to the mix too!

Monday, May 26, 2014

Happy Memorial Day

Thank you to those who serve our country (past and present). Thank you for your sacrifice! Peace, Tam

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Quencie + Whitney Houston = PRICELESS | Last Red Carpet Moment

This moment WILL STAY ETCHED IN MY BRAIN FOREVER!!  This is Whitney Houston's last red carpet appearance on February 9, 2012.  Quencie and I (Studio Q) attended the Kelly Price "For The Love of R&B" event.  Truth be told, we only wanted to go because we saw that Whitney may be there.  So, we were like HELL YEAH!!  We ended up getting credentials the day of to cover the event.  Now the crazy thing about this is that, this was our very first red carpet, and I had just gotten the camera the day before.  I was like, we can't cover the red carpet with a Flip cam.  We need to look professional.  So, I went and got one of those expensive Canon T2i cameras.  Now, I was saving this money to get my Louis Vuitton purse, but that's another story..LOL!  Well, we got the camera and I got a quick tutorial on how to use it the day before.  THANK GOD!!  We got to the event and ended up interviewing quite a few great celebs like Brian McKnight, Keke Wyatt, Nicci Gilbert, and more.  We were a little bombed that we didn't get a chance to interview Kelly Price or Faith Evans.  But hey, we were only there for Whitney anyway.  

Well, a few hours went by and guess who shows up - Yes honey - WHITNEY!!!  The moment above is what really happened.  Whitney only stopped for Quencie and they embraced.  Whitney gave Quencie so much love, that some of it fell off and oozed on!!  Such a magical night.  2 days later...Whitney was gone!  Believe it or not, we were also at the Beverly Hilton Hotel when Whitney passed.  But, that's another story too!!  For now, I'll just focus on this amazing night.

Below is the actual video of Whitney and Quencie!


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My Year with Oprah!!

My Best friend, Quencie, and I have had a blast this year.  Two exiting things that happened involved Oprah Winfrey.  We were blessed to have been chosen to attend the Best Friend's taping of the Oprah Winfrey Show on 4/11/11.  The show, which was filled with Best Friends, also featured Oprah's Best Friend, Gayle King.  During the show, Oprah gave everyone a fantastic trip to the Miraval Spa & Resort in Arizona (airfare, meals, transportation to and from the resort, and massages all paid for).  How lucky were we :-)  We also had the privilege of sitting 2 feet away from Oprah and Gayle in the 2nd row, center.  While there, many people raised their hands to ask Oprah a question.  Well, I knew that Quencie had an awesome question, so I raised my hand for her.  Right at that moment, Oprah called on me and I politely said, "My Best Friend has a Question."  The best part of this story is that, Quencie's question was so good that it was featured on - the only one chosen out of all of the questions asked.

Fast forward to 11/11/11 - Quencie and I were chosen to attend the taping of Oprah's Life Class with Iyanla Vazant in Los Angeles.  We sat in the front row right next to Oprah's sister, Patricia.  The show was amazing, as well as the final show of the season.  Quencie gave Oprah & Iyanla gifts that they were happy to receive.  And the best part of this story is that we were the only people that got to take a picture with Oprah.  God is indeed Good!  Look out for the next Oprah blog because the next story will be even better than the other two.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Welcome to Quencie's Blog: Oprah's Life Class Finale Show!

Welcome to Quencie's Blog: Oprah's Life Class Finale Show!: We were the only ones to get a photo with Oprah! During commercials Arianna Huffington (Huffington Post) serving us treats! Me, Tam, an...

Sunday, September 25, 2011

The E Family (Sheila E.) Interview - Studio Q

Check out this Studio Q interview with the musical dynasty - The E Family featuring legendary Pete Escovedo, Sheila E., Peter Michael Escovedo, and Juan Escovedo For more videos go to

Miki Howard Interview - Studio Q

Check out Studio Q's exclusive interview with Miki Howard at the Catalina Jazz Club (9/16/11). After a sold-out show, Miki chats it up with Quencie!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Tam & Quencie featured on Oprah

Check out the beautiful question that my BFF asked Oprah.  I was sitting right next to her in the orange shirt!  What an amazing experience!!!!

click the link below:

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Post - Oprah Winfrey Show (Best Friend) Taping

Ok, so I did not wear what I thought I was going to wear. I didn't want to risk being "too busy" with my attire and being placed in the back of the studio. So,

I chose a bright orange top with my black skinny jeans and black boots.  Well, Quencie and I were seated in the 2nd row center - right in front of Oprah and Gayle.  Now, I don't know if it was my last minute change of wardrobe, or just God who put me there.  But knowing how I think - it was God :-).  The show was more than amazing!  Oprah and Gayle reminisced about old trips and adventures.  It was great seeing those clips and old pictures.  Gayle even shared one of her favorite treats with the audience - Monkey Bread!  It was sooooo good that I attempted to make some when I returned home. Well let me tell ya - #HUGEFAIL!!  Mine tasted nothing like Gayle's.  And, I am on a mission to find that Monkey Bread.  Another treat was that the entire audience received an all expense paid trip to the Miraval Spa Resort in Tuscon, AZ.  Plus, $100 worth of free Hanes "comfy" clothes for the trip.  The audience went wild.  Althoughbeit, I didn't know where Oprah said we were going.  All I knew was that she said we were going somewhere!  The Oprah Show visit was one of the best experiences of my life and I wish I could relive it all over again!  Before the show started, there were people who were crying upon entering the studio.  I was like, Good Lord, why are these people crying.  Quencie asked me would I cry, and I was like no.  Hey, I love, love, love Patti Labelle and Whitney Houston and I've never once cried over them.  And don't get me wrong, I LOVE Oprah too, but I couldn't see myself crying.  I'm just not that type of fan.  Well, as soon as Oprah walked onto the stage, the tears just started streaming from my eyes uncontrollably, and I could not stop them.  Quencie had to wipe my eyes.  I couldn't believe it.  Where did those tears come from???  Apparently, Oprah had an effect on me that I've never experienced before - let's just say it was magical :-)  I sure hope they don't have me on camera crying like a baby.

Well, after the show, Oprah and Gayle stayed around and answered questions from the audience.  I raised my hand and managed to get Oprah's attention and she called on me.  I, in turn, said that my Best Friend had a question.  Quencie asked a fantastic question: "On Master Class, Diane Sawyer said that you needed people in your life to help reinforce your best self.  How does Gayle help reinforce your best self?"  Oprah said that question was going to make her cry.  Well, she and Gayle went and for over 10 minutes answering that question.  It was definitely amazing to watch.

Well, I've given my take on this spectacular trip, but you can listen below for yourself to get me and Quencie's full story.  This Best Friend show airs 4/21/11 and I hope you tune in :-)




Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Oprah Show Edition

The Oprah Show Edition

Check out Tam & Quencie's wonderful jouney to The Oprah Winfrey Show. They were chosen to attend on Best Friend's Day!